Thank you so much for bringing out the absolute best in my normally shy child! The teaching was outstanding, she learned so much in all three disciplines. My daughter was bubbling with enthusiasm for days afterwards and can’t wait to come back!
Angela P.
Gavin really enjoyed the workshop. I haven’t seen him this excited about something in a long time. He’s really looking forward to the September classes.
Michelle B.
Peri had such a great time at the workshop. She is really looking forward to the classes. I can’t wait to sign her up!
Dena F.
Georgia had a wonderful time!
Dana G.
Crawford said, “I want to do that again!” Looking forward to seeing your schedule for September!
Linda Y.
Max and Jennifer loved the class. It was so much fun and filled with positive, creative energy. Thanks so much for inspiring them. Please forward your fall schedule as soon as it’s out.
Alexa H.
The workshop reached far beyond our expectations. Sara had such a fantastic time and learned so much. She LOVED it. We can’t wait for the fall session.
Paula A.
Thank you all so much. I saw my son grow in confidence and he came out of the classes full of energy and enthusiasm. Thank you so much!
Anna, Brandon's Mom
I love the classes. It’s so much fun. I was scared to sing, but now I’m not. I love singing now. I like the acting games we play. They are great fun and we get to make up plays and dance in very cool ways.
Mark, 9 yrs
Noelani was on cloud 9 the entire day. She loves performing and absolutely enjoyed the workshop. I think this would be a great fit for her.
Marielle B.